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Nationally trusted by Professional Athletes, CEOs, Executives, Entrepreneuers, Working Moms, Weekend Warriors and people from pretty much every walk of life!

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You Deserve Better Than "Traditional" Credit Repair

Change The Way You Define "Good Credit"

The BEST a traditional "repair" program can do for you is turn you into someone with (hopefully) fewer negative accounts.

What they WON'T tell you is that just "disputing negative items" is NOT going to help you develop GOOD CREDIT, because "disputing" is all they offer!

To GET APPROVED for what you need (which is the REAL DEFINITION of "good credit"), you need a better plan than "fewer negative items".


Do you want to simply "have fewer negative items", or do you want to build the credit that can GET YOU APPROVED?

Not Sure Where To Start?


Our team will create a

Personalized Step-By-Step Plan

to fix your financial reputation and get the approvals you deserve!

Unlock Your FULL FINANCIAL POTENTIAL with our Trusted, All-Inclusive, White-Glove Credit Management Program

Restore Your Reputation

No Cookie-Cutter Disputes Here! Our experienced team analyzes your credit report and determines which challenge technique will be the most successful

Full Legal Support

Each file gets a full review by our expert legal team to identify violations of FCRA, FDCPA, UCC, TILA, FCBA and many other State & Federal Consumer Codes. Violations are prepped for litigation.

"Never Denied Again" Path

We know the approval requirements for EVERY credit card, so we can guide you to progressively better credit cards with higher limits, up to the premium reward cards with cash back, points and miles.


Home Program

Become as appealing as possible to mortgage lenders. We prep our clients for the home-buying process, assist in controlling their debt-to-income ratio, researching financing choices, and identifying loan aid programs.

"Coast to Coast at No Cost" Path

Discover how to use credit card perks to get free flights, first-class upgrades, and complimentary hotel stays. Maximize your points to get the most out of your credit.

Business Funding & Entrepreneur Support

We help our clients turn their big idea into a thriving business, with aid in structuring and development and securing seed money of

$25,000 to $500,000.

Ph.D in Personal Credit & Finance

We demystify credit and finances so when our clients graduate, they know EXACTLY how to properly build, protect, maintain and leverage their credit,



Award-Winning Client Success Team

Get true 1-on-1 support from a dedicated Account Manager and never miss a beat with easy communication through our Secure Client Portal or Mobile App for your SmartPhone.


Pay Nothing For Up To 14 Days

(You Get To Pick Your First Payment Date Within That Range)

Initial payment will be $125 for work already completed. Additional months of service will also cost $125, beginning 30 days after the initial payment. You can cancel anytime.

The Program Trusted By

Athletes, Entrepreneurs & Stars,

Specifically Tailored To You!

Award-Winning Credit Management.

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